Finding Tranquility in the Hubbub

Stress is an all-encompassing feeling that affects every aspect of our lives. If you feel stressed-out, then you’re certainly not alone. Stress can arise from any number of factors including financial troubles, work problems, family issues, relationship difficulties, and even simple occurrences of everyday life. Many people use spirituality in its myriad forms to combat these feelings of stress and anxiety. Of course, spirituality doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with theology. It is, more or less, a feeling of mindful interconnectedness with yourself, others, nature, the Divine, the universe, or all of the above.

Many people who describe themselves as spiritual are often better able to deal with stress. The key is to become connected with everything around you and stop living entirely inside the stress in your mind and body. Spirituality allows you to relinquish control and reduce stress in the process. But, utilizing spirituality to mitigate stress doesn’t have to be a long, arduous process. In fact, it can be quite easy.


Stop Multi-Tasking!

One of the most prominent causes of stress is our inability to simply stop doing multiple things at once. It may seem like multi-tasking increases your productivity, but, more often than not, it just means you’re doing lots of things in a mediocre fashion. Try talking on the phone, cooking dinner, and washing dishes all at the same time. You’ll start to notice that the conversation will be mindless, the dinner will be subpar, and the dishes will still be dirty. You’ll also notice that you’ll be more stressed because your mind is thinking about a million things at once.

If you’re going to do something, do it well. Do it mindfully. Investing in a task is an act of love. Talking to your friend or family member is an act of love. Making dinner for your family is an act of love. Ensuring that the dinner is served on clean dishes is also an act of love. You don’t want to invest your energy into those things halfheartedly. Doing one thing at a time also allows you to be more mindful of the task at hand. And, as we all know, mindfulness mitigates stress.


Go On More Walks

Many people avoid walks because they associate walking with exercise. But, walking is just about getting the blood pumping and the legs moving. It’s also a great way to clear your head and parse out why you’ve been feeling stress. A walk in nature with a friend can be even more relaxing and even spiritual. You will be able to reduce stress, foster a deeper relationship with your loved one, and create a greater connection to nature in the process.

You don’t even have to engage in walks to become more mindful. Anytime you’re alone, take your mind off your stresses and worries by seeking out connections. If you’re driving, don’t think about everything you need to do. Driving on your own can be a relaxing, tranquil time to clear your mind. Feel everything around you (the steering wheel, the air coming from the vents, the soft noises of the world passing by). When you get to wherever you’re going, you’ll be infinitely more relaxed and your stresses won’t seem as big.