About Us

We are a group of spiritual enthusiasts who are trying to help others make spiritual connections in their lives. Our areas of expertise range from meditation and Easter religions to yoga and the Law of Attraction. Launched in 2014, our goal is to improve lives through greater understanding of the world around us.

The name Cosmos Notes comes from our relationship to the cosmos and the universe. We believe that the universe is powerful entity and that, as humans, we can manipulate it to meet our dreams, desires, and needs. The “notes” you’ll find on this site come from the perspective that you can manifest your desires. You can effectively become the “co-conspirator” of the Divine and create your own reality.

We understand that there are numerous paths toward achieving your goals and experiencing success. No one is a finished product and we are all walking on our own path toward self-discovery. We are not here to advocate a single path toward enlightenment, and we understand that many people may have a natural aversion to spirituality. That being said, our goal is to offer a few stepping stones along the way. This site is just as much for our benefit as it is for yours.

Whether you are looking for love and spirituality or techniques on how to maximize your meditative experience, we are here to help. We also hope to foster a community of like-minded individuals looking to add spirituality to their own lives. Do not hesitate to join us and help us make the most of our journey.

Life is a difficult process filled with stress, anxiety, depression, and loads of other negative thoughts and emotions. We want this site to be bright spot for anyone who comes across it. If you’re feeling down, we hope to lift your spirits or at least steer you in the direction of positivity. Thank you for joining us!