Cosmos Notes


We believe that the universe is powerful entity and that, as humans, we can manipulate it to meet our dreams, desires, and needs. We understand that there are numerous paths toward achieving your goals and experiencing success. No one is a finished product and we are all walking on our own path toward self-discovery.


  • friendship

    6 Tips for Building Stronger Friendships

    Friendship is one of the most common human experiences, and it’s also responsible for feelings of greater belonging and connectedness. Many of us have had close friends with whom we have talked about life’s mysteries and joys. But, maintaining a friendship is never easy. If you want to keep the bonds of friendship strong, then […]

  • multitask

    Finding Tranquility in the Hubbub

    Stress is an all-encompassing feeling that affects every aspect of our lives. If you feel stressed-out, then you’re certainly not alone. Stress can arise from any number of factors including financial troubles, work problems, family issues, relationship difficulties, and even simple occurrences of everyday life. Many people use spirituality in its myriad forms to combat […]

  • yoga

    Should I Try Yoga?

    For centuries, yoga has been practiced by Buddhists, monks, and others as a way to access higher spiritual realms and improve physical health. People who practice and really invest their time into yoga report a feeling of greater fulfillment, happiness, and balance in their lives. Even modern incarnations of yoga have proven to be beneficial […]

  • spiritual journey

    5 Habits for Improving Your Spiritual Journey

    Improving your spiritual wellbeing is not an easy task, but it’s something that many of us strive for. Spirituality is a unique way to feel a budding interconnectedness with yourself, others, and the universe around you. Even so, most of our schedules don’t allow us to take the time to strengthen our spiritual connectedness. Some […]